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Removing Attachments from your Beaded Chain
Removing Attachments from your Beaded Chain

How to remove attachments from your beaded chain

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Anything larger than the chain or cord may damage or prevent full operation of Gear. Before installing Gear, make sure there are no objects attached to your beaded chain or cord that may potentially jam the device.

Large Beaded Chain Connectors

If the connector on your plastic or metal beaded chain is larger than the chain, remove it by snapping the connector off at both ends. The connector provided in Gear’s packaging is smaller and will not jam the device. All you need to do is replace your old connector with the provided connector by snapping the ends of your chain into it.

Ball Stoppers

Large ball stoppers attached to your chain or cord are used to prevent it from your chain or cord from going too far into the headrail of your window shade. An attachment of this size will not pass through Gear and will prevent full operation. Since you will now be using Gear to set the position of your shades a ball stopper is no longer needed. Each ball stopper is unique, but most will be removed by snapping them off like this. Use pliers or other tools if needed.

Cord Tensioners

Some window shades have cord tensioners installed at the end of the cord to prevent choking or strangling hazards. Since Gear acts as cord tensioner and it is installed where a cord tensioner is usually placed, the old tensioner can be removed. Each cord tensioner may vary, but most can be simply unscrewed.

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