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Accessing Gear's Details on the App
Accessing Gear's Details on the App
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Gear details are accessed from the Gear Info screen. To access this screen connect to Gear, navigate to Settings, then select "About This Gear."

This screen holds information regarding your Gear’s Firmware version, the types of integrations the selected Gear supports, and the battery storage levels of the device, including AA batteries. This information may be useful during troubleshooting or customer support.

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This field displays the current firmware installed on Gear. If there is new firmware available, then the Gear listed on the Gears Dashboard will display an update notification.


This field displays the types of integrations which the selected Gear supports. AXIS Gear supports either Bluetooth and ZigBee or Bluetooth only.

Battery Power

This field displays the battery level of the AA batteries and the power stored in the Solar Bar. If you are using the Solar Bar to power Gear, then the same screen that provides the AA battery readout also provides information on the energy stored in the Solar Bar. There are three potential readouts: Strong, Weak, and Critical.

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