Once Gear is successfully paired to the AXIS app, you can connect to it from the main ‘Gears Dashboard’.

<a href=https://s3.amazonaws.com/thinkific/file_uploads/147441/images/cf8/ca3/bfc/Gears_-_ListView.png"/>

Figure: Gears Dashboard

Upon connecting to a Gear, the app displays a Control screen.

To move the Gear up, move the slider to the top. To move down, move to the bottom.

For more precise movement, move the slider to any position in-between.

Unlike the on-device controls with only five possible positions, the app offers more precise movement to anywhere on the slider.

Either the slider or the arrows on the right can be used to control your Gear!

<a href=https://s3.amazonaws.com/thinkific/file_uploads/147441/images/f99/18e/2d9/Gear_-_Control.png"/>

Figure: Gear Control Screen

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