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Create Schedules With the App
Create Schedules With the App
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To create a schedule, navigate to the Schedule tab by tapping on the far right icon (it looks like a clock) or sliding over to it from your current screen. From here you can review, edit and remove all the schedules you have created for your Gear.


1. Creating a New Schedule

To begin, tap on the plus button at the bottom right corner of the screen to create a new schedule.


2. Select Your Gear

You can now select the Gear you would like to set a schedule for.


3. Choosing a Template

Gear has a variety of templates and options for setting schedules. You can choose between some pre-made templates for you to modify, or, you can create a new schedule from scratch by selecting the blank template.


4. Set Your Schedule
You can now adjust which days you want the schedule to run by tapping any of circles in the top row and set the time and position for each schedule entry.

*Please Note:

At this time you are only able to set a max number of 25 schedules per week (7-day period).

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