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Connecting Gear to Samsung SmartThings Hubs (V1 & V2 Only)
Connecting Gear to Samsung SmartThings Hubs (V1 & V2 Only)
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Prerequisites :

  1. The SmartThings Hub needs to be set up and paired with your phone.

  2. AXIS Gear needs to be configured and put into Smart Home mode.

Note: Use the SmartThings Classic app to configure V1 and V2 Hubs.
Let’s Begin!

  1. Go to the SmartThings Classic app and click on Add A Thing.

  2. Press the Pair button on Gear. After pairing is complete, Gear's Touch Strip will flash Green twice.

    • If Gear appears as an "AXIS Gear", tap on Rename to change its name to whatever you would like. Move onto the next step.

    • If Gear does not appear OR if you would like to add multiple Gears, repeat Steps 1-2!

  3. Done - you should now be able to control all of your Gears through the SmartThings Classic app!

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