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Connecting AXIS Gear to Samsung SmartThings Hubs (V3 Only)
Connecting AXIS Gear to Samsung SmartThings Hubs (V3 Only)
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Prerequisites :

  1. The SmartThings V3 Hub needs to be set up and paired with your phone.

  2. AXIS Gear needs to be configured and put into Smart Home mode.

Note: Use the new SmartThings app to configure V3 Hubs.
Let’s Begin!

  1. Open the SmartThings app and click on the '+' icon in the top right corner.

  2. Tap Add Devices > SmartThings > Other > Start > Choose Hub and Room, then click Next > Continue at Security Screen.

  3. Press the Pair button on Gear when it says "Pull the Battery Tab from Device" on the SmartThings app. After pairing is complete, Gear's Touch Strip will flash Green twice.

  4. Press the back arrow and the app will prompt the user to "Stop Setup?" Click on OK.

  5. The app will now show the newly added Gear as AXIS Gear and may prompt to add it to a room.

    • Can rename device by editing device properties

    • Tap & Hold Tile > Click on Edit to rename

  6. If AXIS Gear tile does not appear on the SmartThings app home screen OR if you would like to add multiple Gears, repeat Steps 1-5!)

  7. You can now control the device using the SmartThings Connect App.

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