There are several reasons your Gear may not perform properly. If your device won't control your shade via app or on-device controls, or setup mode is not functioning, there is a simple fix.

Refresh Gear

  1. Press and hold the 'X' button to power off the device (the LEDs will dim).

  2. Wait 3 seconds.

  3. Press and hold the 'X' button to power on the device (the LEDs will flash on).

If refreshing Gear does not solve the problem, please factory reset the device.

Factory Reset Gear

  1. While your Gear is powered on, press and hold the 'Set', 'Pair', and 'Group' buttons on Gear at the same time until the device flashes off.

  2. Your Gear is now reset and will automatically turn back on.

  3. After factory resetting your Gear, you must set up your shade again as Gear will be completely reset.


If your Gear is still experiencing problems, please perform a self-test and send the photos to our team.

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