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Replacing Solar Power Bar Batteries
Replacing Solar Power Bar Batteries
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Gear uses 12 standard AA batteries located inside the Power Module to act as a backup, just in case your Gear is unable to recharge its internal Li-Po battery quickly enough from the solar panel. To replace them, all you need are new batteries!

1. Dismount & Open

To start, dismount the Power Module from both your window and the AXIS Gear. From here you can open the battery cap at the end of the Power Module and slide out the old batteries.

2. Replace The Batteries

Take your fresh new batteries and align the positive and negative ends with the markings on the battery cap or follow the illustration markings on the Power Module. Once the batteries are inside, you can put the battery cap back on. This will close the battery compartment.

3. Re-Connect Everything

Simply reconnect the Power Modules cable back on to Gear and remount the Module back on to the window. Press firmly on the two ends until it snaps back in. Your Gear is now ready for action once again!

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