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How to solve an AXIS Battery Display issue
How to solve an AXIS Battery Display issue

How to fix the issue if your AXIS battery level never appears to go above 30-35% (for iPhone)

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The AXIS Gear comes with two power sources: an A/C wall adapter, and a solar panel.

When switching power sources or getting set up for the first time, it is important to let your RYSE app know which power source you are using, so that it can provide an accurate readout of your current battery level. If your AXIS Gear is powered using the A/C wall adapter but your RYSE app thinks it is powered using the solar panel (or vice versa), this can cause your AXIS Gear's battery level to show between 30-35% when in actuality, it is fully powered.

Solve this issue by following these steps:

First click on the AXIS Gear in question in the Shade menu:

Then, select the orange "Settings" icon in the top right corner.

Then, click Toggle Plugged In/Solar Bar Setting.

The power source has now been changed! In this example, we can now see that the battery level is displaying as "Plugged In", rather than a percentage.

Learn more about Charging + Battery Warnings on the RYSE/AXIS app here:

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