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Pairing AXIS Gear to the RYSE app (iPhone)
Pairing AXIS Gear to the RYSE app (iPhone)

How to pair your AXIS Gear using Bluetooth, on an iPhone or iPad

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To pair your AXIS Gear to the RYSE app using Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  1. Click the orange + button in the top right corner

  2. Select Add AXIS Gear

  3. If your AXIS Gear is already installed, select Configuration.

    Otherwise, click Installation and follow the interactive installation guide to install your AXIS Gear. After installing, click Done, and you will find yourself back on the Set-up SmartShade screen. Click Configuration.

  4. When you see the Gear Setup screen, press the PAIR button on your AXIS Gear to complete pairing.

    You will see the LED Touch Strip flash blue twice, to confirm that your AXIS Gear in Bluetooth Pairing mode.

    If you do not see your AXIS Gear pop up on the Gear Setup screen right away, try refreshing by swiping down on the screen.

5. Select your Gear, and click Pair. Your AXIS Gear will flash white twice to confirm.

6. Select Begin Setup

7. Optionally, name your AXIS Gear, and click Next

8. Follow onscreen instructions to set your fully closed & fully open positions. You will see the LEDs on your AXIS Gear display Green/Blue on top, and Blue/Green on the bottom of the touch strip when your top/bottom positions have been set. Your Gear will then blink blue, indicating your shade's current position.

9. Click Done

10. If using the RYSE app, select Continue with the RYSE App.

Otherwise, select Yes, use my hub and follow the on-screen instructions to pair with your smart hub. To learn more about which smart hubs AXIS Gear can integrate with, Click Here

11. Your AXIS Gear is paired! You can now control it under the Bluetooth tab of your RYSE app.

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