Can I return my Gear?




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    Joshua Bonati

    I'm sorry, no. You need to offer full refunds now, regardless of pre-order pricing. I am not waiting over a year for this product. You have blown the deadline twice now, and have currently just extended the wait time to over eight months. Completely unacceptable. It's time to start handing back money. 

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    Marianne Pizzitola

    I'm in the same boat. I think they took down their Facebook page, they are not answering posts and at this point a full refund is in order. Their letter did state that so I am hoping they will follow through. I now own blinds I can't use because they are 20 feet up. I've blown a lot of no money on this. My poor momma still has to have sun in her eyes on sofa because I can't cover the window. We were good to our word. We took a chance and supported them. Sadly their idea wasnt ready. I hope they reply.. surely people will hesitate supporting an indigogo after this.

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    Ilya Cantor

    Me too.  The units are erratic and slow, and I want my money back regardless of when ordered.  

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    Brian Snow

    So, having placed my order February 9, 2017 and told that my order would ship in the Spring of 2017, I received lots of emails chronicling the reason for production delays and why our orders were going unfulfilled.  Then, on July 17, 2017 I received an email indicating that my order would ship in January of 2018.  OK, another delay but I want the product so I'll wait again.  Now, on December 15, 2017 another email chronicling all the further problems with motors, etc. and now my order will ship in August of 2018, however, now there is an offer for a full refund but no information as to how to go about getting the refund.  I've emailed the company and we'll await the response but I'm not feeling good about it from the previous comments. 

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    Ken S Wilson

    How do I request a return?  I've submitted 3  tickets without response, and there is no phone number listed for AXIS anywhere.  I need to return the units I purchased as they will not fit in our window with our blinds.  How can I get in touch with someone asap?

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