Why is my schedule not working?




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    Adam Gentle

    The schedule function simply does not work.  I have tried multiple times and nothing ever happens.  I hope each night before bed that it will raise in the morning, alas, nothing.  Then I have to take the thing off the wall, because it does not work -- and manually open the blind.  Then I do all the resets, reconfigure and hope that this time will be different, alas, after a week, nothing has changed.  

    Also, I am not able to "update" the soft/hardware -- even with my phone resting near the gear, almost toughing it.  We never get beyond 0%.

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    Francisco Pujol

    Agreed...its random.  I have 1 of 4 blinds that work.

    This product is junk.  And now they want to charge 300 a pop for teh next batch?  LOL.  New automated quality blinds cost the same (and they work).

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