My Gear Wont Power On




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    Arthur Tsui

    My Gear won't Power on even I have attached the back lid.

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    Shane Stewart

    My unit powered itself off the other day after a few days of working fine. I thought it might have been the batteries, but I have tested them and they're all still full charged. I've disconnected the power cable for longer than 10 seconds and reconnected, I've removed the back cover and replaced it again, but the unit just doesn't seem to power on at all.

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    Mike Pusateri

    I'm having the same issue.  Please advise.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue today. Worked fine for past 3-4 weeks. Today while drawing the blinds up, it stopped halfway and will not power on. Whole thing went dead!

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    Brian Mifsud

    Having same issue. Please help!!

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    I'm also using the A/C plug-in, not the battery pack


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    Conrad Chan

    Gear won't turn on when plugged into A/C plug in.

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